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Test for Araeek company

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20. 01. 06
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Araeek Company for investment & General Trade had incorporation license under No.(14853)

on 17/05/2012 issued by Ministry of Trade/ KRG – Directorate of Companies- Erbil, 

the headquarter in Kurdistan Region- Iraq, Erbil- Havalan.


Brief of the company:

We, Araeek Company started investment & General Trade works since 2012 and right now

we have 2large strategic projects in Sulaimaniyah Governorate, the cost of the three

projects is more than $ 4 billion USD.


Our main works:

1- General trade include:

 - Petrol trading

 - Car trading

- Constructional materials trading

- Food materials trading


2- Investment: we have main projects in Sulaimaniyah Governorate

- Tourism project of Darbandikhan Lake

- Project of sport complex & Mall- Qaladizy

We have great different trading relations, and currently we have several contracts with

(American, Russian, Turkish, Indian, European and Kuwait Companies….).

For this purpose, we have financial and banking works directly in United Arab Emirates ,

because we can transfer, move, and open (L/C) for our trading actions regarding us work .


Second : Darbandikhan tourism project

Darbandikhan lake was the most attractive place for tourism in Iraq in 1970  .

The area of this project is (17,500,000)m2. It costs (3)billion dollars.

Forms  of  the projects:

1.Game center   2.Teleferik   3. Zoo   4.Villas    5. Apartments    6. Hotel   7.Motel     8.Restaurant

8.Swimming pool   9.Sport game 

This is part of the project:

Third:  Game Center project and Mall in Qaladze


Game Center and  modern Mall  project in Qaladze  located in the gate of  the city next to the terminal.

The area is (21,200)m2. It costs (5,642,907)million dollars.


Forms of  the project :

- Indoor hall for playing football.

- Indoor hall for baseball, Gym, other sports. -

- Indoor pool.

- Indoor electronic games.


- Three floors Modern Mall.


The ground floor is a garage  for parking cars.